Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Hello, Guys Welcome to my website and today we will be discussing the Privacy policy of our website so that no one can do fraud with our website, and also the users should know about our policy so that they will be also safe.
This is my website- and I am sharing the privacy policy of that website which you should know well. 
If people still use our website, then you all have to follow the privacy policy of this website, otherwise, I can also block you all.

Google Adsense 

We always Know That People always try to make the blogger demotivated so that they will intentionally click on our Google Adsense Ads to make our Adsense Suspended so I am giving the warning to them that when you will Intentionally Click on our website then I have authority to block you from my website and you will not get any knowledge from our side.
                                                                                 So that please don’t try to Intentionally Click on any ads so that you will also save otherwise I will take legal action to you. 

Children’s Policy

As you can see that I am sharing the knowledge of the SEO, Blogging, YouTube and make money online and this is not needed for the children who has 13 years old, because they are not able to work on that knowledge. So this is I am declaring that this site is not for Children and also younger than 13 years.

Terms And Conditions 

I am requesting you that please don’t comment like spam and also using Vulgar Messages on my website and also share my website links to best places that they have need of that knowledge, and if you will have the query about the my any articles or you need help then contact us on – so that we will be happy to help you on the related queries or questions.

All Rights Reserved

I hope guys you are using my website in the right way and if you try to suffer or fraud with our website and you will anything then I will not be responsible at any cost so that make sure you are using my website in the right way or authorize way.

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